Tangential extractor for 6 frames - stainless steel – Manual drive


1 x Manual operation 1:3. Robust hand drive. Drive and gears are made of steel. The gears are made from two different types of steel, therefore spend less and have a longer service life. Housing and crank are made of aluminum. The drive is equipped with system a free travel (when you stop to turn the handle it stays in that position and the basket are still spinning) and the brake to stop the basket. The drive is fastened with screws and is very stable.

1 x Tank
: made of stainless steel 1.4301, AISI 304 for food industry. Our products are welded plasma techniques planned for the food industry. The entire tank is very stable due to professional treatment. The edges are specially reinforced.
Dimensions:Diameter – 620 mm / height tank – 610 mm / height extractor 1020mm.

1 x Basket:
Made of stainless steel 1.4301, AISI 304 for food industry .
Measures lattice for frames: Width – 260 mm / height – 450 mm.
Measures rectangle on the grid: 16 x 27 mm.

Basket consists of a series of small rectangles whose measures 16 x 27mm. Our grid is in order so finely embroidered in order to avoid cracking honeycomb due to centrifugal force and in order to achieve full by squeezing honey. For us quality is the highest priority. We do not skimp on materials.
Spans- Ø 6 mm. Shaft Ø 14 mm.

The maximum size of frames that can be centrifuged: 270mm x 500 mm. Geeignet für DN, Langstroth, Zander usw ...m.
Basket is extremely solid and reliable. It is suitable for cleaning because you have to remove it you just need to unscrew the two rows.

1 x Valve
: Made of stainless steel 1.4301, AISI 304.for food industry. Valve is very well designed. She is easy to closes and seal in completely. She is welded with outside to avoid contact with honey. Valve is separated by 320 mm from the floor.

2 x lids for tank:
of transparent Plexiglas. These lids allow us to control the labor process. One half is equipped with special hooks so they could when editing frames that hook the cover and not to hold our hand. Plexiglas is attached to studs.

3 x Legs:
legs are made of steel and are extremely stable. No spinning slider and shaking during labor. Bolts legs are attached and they can be easily removed as needed during transportation etc...

Feet, steering and other parts painted in red made from steel that is powder coated professionally at a high temperature. And the result is exceptional stability, ensures that the device does not twist during operation. A plastic coating accomplish long service life of these parts.
All other parts certainly as noted above are made from stainless steel 1.4301 for the food industry, which is also specially reworked and in a completely stable.

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