About us

Company name: Mediko tim
Tax identification number: 104680128
location: ul. Goločelo bb. 34000 Kragujevac.Serbia

Mediko tim is a local company with the German way of doing business. We give you the goods personally and so make sure our quality on the spot. With us, every purchase is secure purchases because we allow you to if you are not satisfied return the centrifuge we will refund your money.

Honigkaiser has a typical German system of production and business processes. Quality is our highest priority. Anyone who buys our products comes back again and again.

Addition to the highest quality that is unique in the market of beekeeping equipment, we also offer the lowest prices.The fact that we are the manufacturers and allows us to direct our high quality products to offer you at low prices. Quality and low prices are still possible. With us you are always welcome. We are looking to meet your requirements. Also looking forward to the potential partners in terms of distribution.

For us it is very important that all parts of our products that come into contact with honey are made solely of stainless steel 1.4301, AISI 304.  Authentic metals are not ferromagnetic. These metals do not rust, are resistant against acids and particularly suitable for cold processing form. Metals that are not authentic are not planned for production in the food industry. In such metals during cold treatment come of small break in the material (cracks), these points later after contact with food quickly collect dirt and bacteria can develop.

For associates and beekeepers offering only the best. "Mediko tim"