We strive to continuously  improve our products, in order to facilitate the work of our customers. All our products meet the two most important requirements such as quality and favorable price. In connection with innovative  development of our product, we  represents you the latest product from our production that is unique in the German market - Honey extractors with a table. Made from stainless steel  1 mm thick and frame of few millimeters thick rods of stainless steel 1.4301. The whole unit is very stable due to the  of materials and professional processing. See for yourself the quality and ideas of our products. Product can be found in the menu on the front page under the field "Honigschleuder Kombigerät". You us visits regularly, and because we will have always something new to you.Soon we will present and our latest product that will your valuable work time significantly reduce. Something new and unique to the market will present Mediko tim for you.